It’s all about image


We are dedicated to telling stories -  in video, photos and words.

Velhot is a creative agency specializing in visual storytelling. Our heart is in imagery – still and moving. We offer strategic, creative and production services. Our expertise best serves B-to-B companies who want to create great videos and photos for their marketing and communications. Wherever and whenever.

We have an extensive global network of visual pros. Someone on our global production team is always awake and probably working on one of our jobs. Local knowledge is a powerful tool for us.

How do we work when the world is locked and travelling is not possible?
The basis of our concept has been and will continue to be the local presence. Our production team is always local. It is small, usually 1-2 people. We have used virtual communications tools for over ten years and know that it works. Co-operation is smooth and good planning will lead us to excellent results.. We can handle huge projects remotely.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Video stories

When video is your tool of communication, we offer everything from planning and scripting to production – no matter the size of the project.


Video editing


Squeeze the most out of your videos.


Don’t waste your excellent raw footage, but repurpose it.

Our smart video editors create new videos out of it for various use. The footage can be combined with other assets; newly filmed material, stock footage and graphics.

We can also arrange the raw video material storage for you.

Visual communication

Visual communication is all around us. Graphic design, illustration, animation, typography. Packaging, signs, logos, leaflets, publications, advertisements . . .  to name but a few.

Here are some practical applications created by us:




Check our work examples here Velhot YouTube


When we create for you, we use any tricks imaginable – and more. When it comes to customer relations, we respect clear, honest relations. No tricks.

Our home base is in Finland, but our mind is global.


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